Key To Raising Your Credit Score Using Credit History

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Believe it or not, credit history has a huge impact on your overall credit score. It comes in third place right after payment history and amount owed. As you can see, if you want to keep your credit score, you can’t ignore this important factor. Here’s how you can score high in this very important area:

  • Keep old accounts open: It may be tempting to close an old account, but don’t. The older your accounts are the better it looks towards your overall score.
  • The earlier the better: The earlier you start using credit, the better it looks for your credit history. The key is to be responsible with what you borrow.  
  • Take caution when opening new accounts: When opening new accounts, you’re actually lowering your points in this category.

If you keep your old accounts open and remain responsible with payments, you have a great chance of keeping points in this category high.

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