Why You Should Begin Maintaining a Good Credit Score

015 Why You Should Begin Maintaining a Good Credit Score

If you’ve let your credit score hit the dumps, there are some areas in your life that it may affect. Most people already know that poor credit makes it tougher to get an installment loan or mortgage. But, there are other issues that can come up too, for instance getting a job.

Although it may seem irrelevant for an employer to judge you based on your credit score, some do. Anything from legal issues to habitual missed payments may send a red flag up to employers. The good news is there are some states that have outlawed this practice. You’ll just have to check and see if your state is one of them. Even if employers aren’t allowed to judge you for your credit, some agencies can refuse to license professionals with poor credit.

For those who want to go the independent route and start their own business, it’s important to have good credit too. If you have bad credit, it can affect your ability to get a small business loan.

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